Créations Atef Najar
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Atef Najar Creations is a Tunisian brand design and design of jewelry and accessories developed for women.
A mixture of noble textures and materials, a fusion of colors to give body to a unique stylish and trendy composition.
A 100% made in Tunisia handmade manufacturing.

Our products

  • Basket with Pouch 19,20

    Dimensions: 25x30cm

  • Bi-Color Collection 38,40

    Nephrite Jade, a symbol of beauty and preciousness in Chinese culture, embodies the perfection of the yang principle and vital energy. Since prehistoric times, it has been considered magical and important in legends such as that of Pangu. Representing virtue, purity, tranquility, and elegance, nephrite was used to create utilitarian and ceremonial objects, adorning funeral costumes and imperial scepters.

  • Coral Collection 14,40


    It is a protector against negative energies. It is also highly favored in meditation for relaxation and concentration. On a physical level, coral strengthens the heart and the circulatory system.

  • Croco Collection 19,20

    Dimensions : 25x30cm

  • Turquoise collection 38,40

    The turquoise is a blue stone with fine brown veins used for millennia and associated with many legends. Symbol of protection against negative energies, turquoise is an explosive mixture of two opposite elements, water and fire. In this article you will discover his incredible story as well as his powerful benefits on the body and the mind.

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